Vacancy: Human rights specialist to facilitate activities of the ZTI coalition (part-time)


The ZTI coalition brings together indigenous peoples’ leaders and organisations, local communities and Afro-descendant community representatives, and enables joint collaboration with a wide range of international and national NGOs working with human rights defenders.


The ZTI is led by a multi-stakeholder steering committee of indigenous, Afro-descendant and southern NGOs that shapes coalition priorities around three pillars of work: i) collective protection and community-led resilience; ii) solidarity actions in support of communities and defenders under threat; and iii) coordinated advocacy to promote meaningful reforms by state and non-state actors to improve protections for defenders and tackle the root causes of violence and intimidation. 

The facilitator role, hosted by Forest Peoples Programme, involves enabling the mutual exchange of information, facilitating dialogues, and ensuring effective internal and external communications and networking. The facilitator will liaise closely with the ZTI steering committee, FPP colleagues and other ZTI members making up its backbone team working to promote coherent actions across the three ZTI pillars of work. The role will also provide technical support to FPP’s Strategic Legal Response Centre in matters relating to human rights defenders. We particularly encourage applications from people with indigenous backgrounds, or experience supporting indigenous peoples or local communities directly.

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